10 Days to Optimal Wellness Challenge

10 Days to Optimal Wellness Challenge

Welcome self-lovers!

First I’d like to thank you for being interested in your own positive growth and happiness by challenging yourself to step out of your comfort zone by inviting in new ideas and lifestyle choices that will ultimately give you more energy, clarity, focus, and significant changes to your body if you keep utilizing what you learn in these ten days. Lucky for you, this is all free and to be used any ten days you have available to direct your full focus on integrating each idea into your life, but I encourage you to begin right now so this amazing opportunity to nourish yourself does not get pushed aside among your long to-do lists.  The brilliance to taking the time to care for yourself is that once you are full of health and vitality, your performance increases sky rocketing your productivity to get those long to-do lists accomplished.

“You can’t help another until you help yourself.”

How does the challenge work?

Each day, you will integrate one of this simple ideas into your everyday life so that by the end of the 10 days, you now integrate all 10 things into your daily routine. These 10 simple things will be easy to add in to even a busy schedule, and shouldn’t require you to buy any additional items.

Day 1: Day 1 of the 10 Days to Optimal Wellness Challenge is to add in at least one cup of warm lemon water or even just warm water to your day. Steering clear of cold water aids digestion and instantly hydrates the body as it takes away the time the body needs to warm the water to your own body’s temperature.

Day 2: Day 2 of the 10 Days to Optimal Wellness Challenge is to integrate in at least 10 minutes of yoga or stretching to your day. As yoga does include meditation, I won’t separate the two into two different days so, be sure to maintain focused breath work or “pranayama” during your practice. Stretching and meditation in the morning will set a tone for your entire day therefore, try to switch your routinely morning phone check up into a healthier habit that will increase joint mobility, release muscular tension, and add mental clarity to your day.

Day 3: Day 3 of the 10 Days to Optimal Wellness Challenge is to break the fast with a healthy breakfast. If you’re looking for even more energy, try intermittent fasting by skipping either breakfast or dinner so that your body can digest everything else from the day and still have energy leftover.

Day 4: Day 4 of the 10 Days to Optimal Wellness Challenge is to bike or walk instead of driving to decrease your carbon footprint and increase the amount of endorphins in your brain causing sensations of happiness.

Day 5: Day 5 of the 10 Days to Optimal Wellness Challenge is to stay hydrated and drink your body weight in ounces of water everyday💜 Stay away from plastic water bottles that could have BPA inside of them (a harmful chemical known to cause cancer and hormonal imbalances.) Also, a glass water bottle reduces the amount of plastic waste you are producing.

Day 6: Day 6 of the 10 Days to Optimal Wellness Challenge is to integrate in Abhyanga an Ayurvedic form of massage into your day. This can be done to oneself (after showering is best) by warming an organic oil of your choosing such as jojoba, coconut, almond, or another oil. After the oil is warm, massage into the skin by creating a friction up-down movement on all the limbs, and circular movements on your joints. Not only will your skin look more radiant, but your lymphatic system will be detoxified, and circulation will increase.

Day 7: Day 7 of the 10 Days to Optimal Wellness Challenge is to add in medicinal herbs known for relieving stress called adaptogens to your day. Ashwaganda, Ginseng, Rhodiala, Holy Basil, and Eleuthero are known to calm the body systemically meaning unlike other herbs, these heal the entire body holistically instead of just one organ system. Research into each herb and find out one that fits your needs best, then take a trip to your local apothecary and pick up enough to make your own tinctures, or teas🍵 If it’s easier for you, you can find supplements at health food stores as well for your convenience.

Day 8: Day 8 of the 10 Days to Optimal Wellness Challenge is to upgrade the quality of the air in your house by decorating with house plants. 🌿While these plants will naturally create more oxygen they will also enhance the energy of your space by making it more visibly, and spiritually pleasing. Along with this, I’d like you to clear away clutter in your home that decreases functionality, or any objects that hold negative memories. The best way to know whether you should throw away something in your home is to hold the object of debate in your hands, and notice if it gives you feelings of happiness, or stress and negative feelings. Practicing Feng Shui will ensure your home remains a positive environment for you and your family.

Day 9: Day 9 of the 10 Days to Optimal Wellness Challenge is to reduce the amount of VOCs in your home by implementing the use of an air purifier, more house plants like suggested in day 8, and taking conscious measures not to buy incense, candles, and other air fragrances that can cause histamine reactions in the body. 🕯Research into the products you’re buying; breathing in some incense and candles are just as bad as inhaling cigarette smoke for your body. While in small doses they are highly therapeutic, an overdose of essential oils can be too much for you so everything goes in moderation.

Day 10: Day 10 of the 10 Days to Optimal Wellness Challenge is to incorporate more plant-based meals into your day. Eating whole, unprocessed foods, especially fruits and veggies, are easy on digestion and packed with micronutrients. 🍇🍌Not only that, it’s also better for the environment because animal agriculture for food creates tons of methane causing deterioration to our Ozone, and takes up a large amount of land causing deforestation to increase to make room for more industrial farms.
I hope you finish all 10 challenges and learn to make time and space for these little wellness tips in order to improve the quality of your mind and body. Email me at mindysheppardspa@gmail.com with any questions.

Wishing you wellness along your journey,

Mindy Sheppard


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