Why do women color their hair?

Why do women color their hair?

I had a gentleman ask me why I thought women colored their hair, why do women want to be fake?
I told him I thought that it had to do with self esteem and self confidence! I mean when I have grey showing I feel old, I feel blah, unattractive, WHERE’S MY MOJO?

When we look at the magazines out there it’s not just the everyday people in your local supermarket with grey roots, it’s also the models, movie stars, athletes,  just walking by in Winter park, Orlando, Altamonte, College Park, Baldwin Park.  And to add to the the mix, if you are looking for that special someone, we do have the whole age thing. Men looking for a younger appearance, women looking for the same! However, if you really think about it, why do we color our hair?
I work at Primp Salon and I have a client who told me this: When I get my hair colored, I feel giddy! She said it with a HUGH smile!
Just as though I gave her back her youth. So do I think it is being fake? Absolutely not! Self esteem, a little! BUT, if it makes someone, anyone, feel BEAUTIFUL on the inside then it will reflect on the outside and Life just got better…

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