6 Easy Steps to Skin Prep Your Skin for Makeup

6 Easy Steps to Skin Prep Your Skin for Makeup

What’s the missing link between what you see makeup artists on Youtube and Instagram with a full face of makeup VS. your own? They show you the steps to achieve the given look and the makeup products to use for each step, but somehow your skin isn’t poreless, glowy, and supple looking after the look has been replicated… You’re most likely missing the most crucial step:

SKIN PREP, girl!
While the brand of concealer, foundation, and powder you use make a drastic difference in the final appearance, the skin preparation you do is what is going to take your makeup look from muddy or rough, to smooth and radiant. Following these 6 easy steps to prep your face for a proper beating of makeup will ensure a gorgeous result every time.

Step One:

Start with cleansing your skin thoroughly, assuring you remove all old makeup residue from your pores. Sometimes cleansing twice is amazing or using Micellar Water first, then cleansing is best when you are wearing a full face of makeup prior to washing.

Step Two:

Exfoliate away the dead skin cell layer lurking among the epidermis, AKA the Stratum Corneum layer. If you have dry skin I recommend using a mechanical form of exfoliation like a face scrub, and if you have oily skin or acne prone skin use a biochemical form of exfoliation such as acne pads or a mask containing Salicylic Acid. This step will guarantee the skin is smooth and free of roughness so the makeup lays on top seamlessly.

Step Three:

Tone the skin to balance the pH level and to hydrate. This step is crucial to assuring a beautiful glowing and supple face. Without this step you can experience sallowness and a dullness in the face due to lack of moisture.

Step Four:

Moisturize your skin with a moisturizer containing SPF if possible. Use an eye cream as well and massage into the skin to avoid moisture leaving the skin through trans-epidermal water loss, exposure to environmental aggressors, and overexposure to harmful UVA and UVB rays. This step will help with making sure your skin will not absorb the makeup you put on later, giving the skin that poreless and beautiful look.

Step Five:

Apply your primer to smooth away fine lines, as well as sealing enlarged pores, overall creating a beautiful base for your foundation products. This is another excellent step that will help the overall smooth appearance of the final makeup look. Primer will help the makeup you apply in the morning last all the way through the day and into the evening.

Step Six:

Take a few moments to allow the products to sit on the skin, and fully absorb before applying makeup. You want to allow the dewiness to dry as much as possible so that the next products you apply such as concealer or foundation sit on top of the other layers properly instead of mixing with them or separating.

Wishing you beauty,

Mindy Sheppard


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