Hue Knew?

Hue Knew?

Aveda color pros reported that nearly a third of guests seeking to get creative with color request a dramatic change to better reflect their individuality or to mirror fashion trends. These color enthusiasts are likely to take the plunge and go from blonde to brunette, brunette to blonde or get red. Ombre, the dramatic two-tone tinting technique, is also high on that list.

For guests going to a new colorist, asking the right questions to get the look you want could be a daunting process. Here are Ian Michael Black’s top 5 questions to ask a new colorist before you take the color leap:

  1. What does the initial color involve? What is the process, how long will it take and what expectations should I have for the end result?
  2. What is the cost of the initial service, and will it differ on subsequent visits?
  3. What is the time frame of the first appointment, and will that vary in future appointments?
  4. What is the upkeep of my color, and how often should I visit the salon?
  5. How can I look after my color between salon visits, and what home care should I be using on it. Also what is the correct way I should be using these products?

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